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Probiotics One

The Probiotics One Difference

The Probiotics One Difference

Discover the secrets that make our products and probiotics so amazing!

No Refrigeration Needed

No Refrigeration Needed

Our patented LiveBac manufacturing process guarantees a long, 18-month shelf life and no refrigeration required!

Survives Stomach Acid

Survives Stomach Acid

We use the patented Bio-tract delivery system that ensures our probiotics will survive stomach acid and safely reach your intestines.

All-Natural Probiotics

All Natural & Gluten-Free

Our probiotics are pure and all natural!  They're also 100% vegatarian-safe, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Resident Strains

We only Use Strains Found In The Human Gut

All of our strains are on file with the American Type Culture Collection, the world's premier biological culture medical research repository.  We also don't use SBOs or strains that aren't resident in the human gut.

Allergy Friendly

Our Probiotics Are Allergy-Friendly

They're free of the most common allergens including wheat, soy, lactose, eggs, nuts, sugar, iron and shellfish.  They also don't have any chemicals, preservatives, artifical colors or flavors.

Strains and CFUs

We Use The Right Number of Strains and CFUs

The number of probiotic strains we use and the amount of each one in all of our formulas is carefully researched and based on actual scientific studies.  This optimal balance ensures you only take what is necessary to get your desired health benefits.  More is NOT always better!


Our Probiotics Include A Special Prebiotic That Makes Them More Effective

Adding a high-quality prebiotic helps enhance the potency and effectiveness of our probiotic formulas.  Prebiotics serve as a "fuel source" that feeds probiotics and helps them thrive!

Time Release Technology

Our Unique Time-Release Technology Makes Them Easy On the Stomach

Rather than bombard your system all at once when you take a probiotic, our time release mechanism makes sure your probiotics are released consistently throughout the day.  Naturally, this makes them much easier to take and minimizes any stomach discomfort.

Made In The USA

Made In The USA in a GMP-Certified Facility

All of our supplements are made in the United States in Colorado and Washington in registered GMP and NSF facilities that have received the prestigious "Excellent" rating by ASI Food Safety Consultants.

60 Day Guarantee

All Our Products Come With An Industry Best 60 Day Guarantee!

We love our probiotics and know you will too!  But if you try them out, and don't like them for ANY reason, you can send them back within 60 days for a full refund (less shipping).  No questions asked :)


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