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What Makes Your Probiotics Different From All The Other Ones Out There?

There are a lot of things that separate our probiotics from the pack, but the most important one is we use real science when formulating and producing our products.  That may seem obvious, but I'm telling you that's not always the case with many probiotics companies.  We don't cut corners and we only produce products that are high-quality, highly-effective and contain ingredients backed by scientific studies.  The difference will be obvious as soon as you try any of our exclusive formulas!

For detailed information on why our probiotics are better for you, please click here.

Are Your Probiotics Natural, Allergy-Friendly and Gluten-Free?  Are They Safe For Vegetarians?

Yes, yes, yes and YES!  We use only the purest probiotics and manufacture in a NSF and GMP certified facility right here in the United States.  All our products are 100% vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.  They're also free of the most common allergens including soy, yeast, lactose, eggs, wheat, nuts, sugar, iron, shellfish, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

How Long Should I Use Probiotics For?

Many doctors recommend using a probiotic every day for optimal health.   In addition to a daily use probiotic, you could also use a shorter-term, specialty product for specific goals like replenishing after antibiotic use, losing weight, or bolstering the immune system after an illness.   The possibilities with probiotics are endless!  As always, be sure to consult your doctor or health professional before using any supplement.

Do Your Probiotics Require Refrigeration?

No, they definitely do not.   Our patented LiveBac manufacturing process guarantees a long, 18-month shelf life and no refrigeration needed.   This special process significantly improves shelf life even at room temperature! 

What Are "CFUs" and How Much Should Be In The Probiotics I Take?  Is More Better?

CFU stands for "Colony Forming Units" and is a measure of the number of live organisms in each dose of probiotics.  The number of CFUs you should look for in a probiotic depend on what you're using them for...


If you're looking for a "daily use" product for general digestive and immune health, 5-10 billion is an appropriate number.  If you're using them for a specific issue such as IBS, IBD or allergies, there is some evidence that higher quantities between 10-40 billion may have some benefit.  


However, there has been scant scientific evidence suggesting CFUs over those amounts provide any added benefit and may actually cause side effects like bloating, gas and stomach pain.  Be sure to talk to your doctor about which amount is best for you.

Do Your Probiotics Survive Stomach Acid?

They sure do!   We utilize the patented Bio-tract delivery system that ensures probiotics will survive stomach acid and safely reach your intestines where they're needed most.   This system costs us a lot more to include, but making sure your probiotics actually survive the acid in your stomach is absolutely crucial to the effectiveness of any probiotic supplement.   If your probiotic can't get to where it needs to go, it simply won't work.

How Does Your Bio-Tract Delivery System Work?

When our tablets are moistened by fluids in the stomach, a protective layer forms. Once it gets to the intestinal tract, the probiotics are released from the core of this protective layer as it breaks down. This ensures that LIVE bacteria actually make it to where they're needed most. The problem with most probiotic supplements, and foods like yogurt, is most of the probiotics are killed off in the stomach before they make it to your intestines. Not so with Probiotics One thanks to Bio-tract!


To observe this yourself, take one of our tablets and put it into a glass of water. Then watch what happens over time as the protective layer forms!

Should I Take Probiotics With or Without Food?

This is an issue no one can seem to agree on!  Some people like taking them with food.  Those people say it helps with digestion and minimizes any bloating, gas, or stomach discomfort that some people experience with probiotics.  


Other people like to take them between meals-- for the exact same reasons I just mentioned!  So it really comes down to a personal choice.   It may take a little old-fashioned "trial and error" to optimize whether you should take your probiotics with food or without.

When Do Your Probiotics Expire?

Because of our patented LiveBac manufacturing process, our probiotics are good for 18 months and guaranteed until the expiration on the bottom of the bottle.

As with any probiotic supplement, the number of CFUs decreases over time.  So we print the CFU count at expiration as well as when our probiotics are first manufactured.  This gives you a clearer picture of the probiotic count you're taking at any given time.

Will Probiotics Interfere With My Prescription Medications?

While our probiotics should not interact with any prescription medicine, we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before using any supplement at the same time as presciption medication.

Can I Use Probiotics When I'm Pregnant?

While you should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplement when pregnant, probiotics seem to have a lot of benefits for pregnant women and the babies they're carrying.  It could be argued that supporting a healthy gut and immune system, improving nutrient absorption and maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the body is even MORE important when you're pregnant!

Are Probiotics Safe?

Yes, probiotics are considered extremely safe by just about every doctor, medical establishment and healthcare practitioner out there.   They've been used by people in foods for centuries and in supplements for many decades.  Very few side effects have ever been reported, and those that have are usually temporary and have included gas, bloating and/or abdominal discomfort.  

So are probiotics safe?  Yes, they are for the vast majority of people.  However, those with a severely compromised immune system or who are acutely ill may want to avoid probiotics.  As always, those who are considering taking probiotics should consult with their doctor or healthcare professional just to be sure.

Shipping and Returns

What Do You Charge For Shipping?

Shipping costs are easy to understand here at Probiotics One!


If you spend over $35.00, shipping is free to anywhere in the US or Canada. If you spend less than $35.00, shipping is a flat $3.50 to anywhere in the US or Canada.


For international orders, shipping is free for any order over $100.00. If you spend less than $100.00, we charge a flat $15.00 shipping fee per order.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We currently ship to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.  We plan on adding more countries very soon!

When Will I Get My Package? How Long Does Delivery Take?

Orders received by 3PM PST are typically shipped the same day. All others are shipped the next business day.  Most orders to US addresses are generally delivered within 3-7 business days.  Canadian orders are usually delivered within 10-14 business days.  Keep in mind these are just estimates, sometimes shipping speed can be shorter or longer depending on UPS, FedEx and/or USPS.

How Do I Track My Order and See Previous Orders?

To track your order and see previous orders, all you need to do is sign-up for an account when you complete your order.  Once you've picked a password, you can log-in right here.  Once you have an account, just log-in at any time to check your order status as well as your past order history.

How Do I Return Products and Get A Refund?

Although virtually all of our customers love our probiotics, we make it easy to get your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason.  If you decide one of our products isn't for you, just send the unused portion or empty bottle back to us within 60 days of your order date.  No need to get an RMA or contact us beforehand.  Just send it back with your contact information and order number (or packing slip) so we can process the refund.

Please send all returns to:

Attention: Probiotics One Returns 
1500 Distribution Ct #400
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

For more information on Shipping & Returns, please click here.

About Us

Where Is Probiotics One Located?

Probiotics One is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our physical address is:

Probiotics One
13835 N Tatum Blvd #9-325
Phoenix, AZ 85032

For more information about Porbiotics One, please take a look at our "About Us" page.

Where Are Your Probiotics Made?

All of our probiotics are made in the United States in Colorado and Washington in registered GMP and NSF facilities that have received the prestigious "Excellent" rating by ASI Food Safety Consultants.

All of our probiotics and ingredients are made and manufactured in the USA.

How To Contact Us

What's The Best Way To Reach You If I Have A Question Or Problem?

There are many ways to reach us but the best (and quickest) is definitely email!  Here it is for your convenience:


If you'd prefer to call us, our telephone number is 1-800-935-8660. Keep in mind our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time.


Lastly, if you want to send us anything, our physical address is:


Probiotics One
13835 N Tatum Blvd #9-325
Phoenix, AZ 85032

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